Friday, October 9, 2009

You Know You Have Been Camping/ On The Road A Lot When...

- You want to tell your little one about heaven and say: “... and someday we’re gonna go to...” and she interrupts and shouts: “CAMP!”

- You pull up at somebody’s house where you’ll be spending the night and your youngest says with wonder and amazement in her voice: “We’re gonna sleep INSIDE?”

- You overhear her murmuring as she falls asleep: “Danku Desus (Thank you Jesus), I have a bed.”

- Your kids wake up in the morning and ask you where we are today.

All that said, though, our kids have been real troopers, and we have all very much enjoyed traveling to various camps and churches. It has been a real blessing to meet so many new friends and supporters. If you would like to hear us speak at your church please put us in touch with your pastor.

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