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How to Support Us

How to Support Us

Thank you for your interest in helping us spread the message that Jesus Loves Malawi!

Charitable giving receipts can be issued both in Canada and the U.S.

Here’s how you can send support:

In Canada

Donors in Canada can either send cheques or donate online:

To Authorize Monthly Automatic Withdrawals or make a one time gift using Credit Card or PayPal:
Find “Malawi A1 (D. Babcock)” in the drop down menu labeled "Fund."
Then just simply fill in the form and submit.

Your online donation will be processed and receipted by Canada Helps, and forwarded to ACCI for our support.  (Canada Helps is a registered charity which serves other charities by processing online donations on their behalf).

[Post dated cheques are also acceptable for monthly gifts - see next section].

[If you prefer to have drafts drawn from a chequing account, then PayPal is the way to do it. PayPal is a very secure way of making payments online, as it works through the banks, and can be linked to either a chequing account or credit card account. Then, when you use PayPal to either make a purchase or donation online, the money is drawn from whichever account you have set it up to use.]

If you need any help at all getting set up, Lauren at ACCI would love to guide donors through the internet setup, which is very secure, and not terribly complex. Lauren's phone # is 613-298-1546.

To Mail a Cheque: make payable to ACCI, and include a note designating your gift for project “Malawi A1 (D. Babcock)”.  (Important: our names should not appear anywhere on the cheque - the cheque memo should simply say "Malawi A1").
[You may also download and print our response form: Babcock Canadian Support Form-ACCI to accompany your cheque.]

Mail to:
89 Auriga
Nepean, ON, K2E 7Z2
(Phone: 613-298-1546)

[Note: We are required to include the paragraph below as a legal public statement to keep ACCI from getting in trouble if it should ever become necessary to redirect funds.  If, for example, we were to die, ACCI could then safely reassign any remaining funds to another worthy cause.  But don't worry.  They are faithful stewards of your gifts, and we are receiving your generous support, with many thanks!]

Designated funds given to the named project will be assigned to the project; however, in the event this becomes impossible, ACCI reserves the right to apply donations to other worthy projects as it deems appropriate. Please do not specify anything else on your donation. You will receive a tax deductible receipt. Canada Charity Number: 107771065RR0001

In the U.S.

U.S. donations flow through TMS Global:
(TMS stands for Train, Mobilize, Serve)
Giving can be done by phone, by mail, or online.
[Both one-time and monthly gifts can be set up by any of these methods].

On all gifts please mention: Dean and Stephanie Babcock, Malawi, Acct. #3054

To give by Phone: call 1-800-478-8963 with account information handy (either checking or credit card).

By mail: Make the check to TMS Global, put our name on the memo line, and mail to:

TMS Global, Inc.
PO Box 936559
Atlanta, GA 31193-6559

To donate online or set up monthly donations online visit  Specify the amount, and enter either our I.D.#: 3054, or “Dean and Stephanie Babcock.” When you click on “Give” you’ll be taken to the online form where you can enter all your giving information.

Thank you for your support!!!

We need more than monetary support, however, so don't forget to send an email to requesting to be put on our Prayer Letter list. And, of course, don't forget to pray! May God bless you!

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