Friday, October 12, 2012

Where is Waldo?

Dear Friends,

Several of you have wondered how you can connect with us. We have been on the road a lot, sometimes a week at a time, but when we are “home” we are staying in a cottage at Maple Grove. In about 1 ½ weeks we will move to the parsonage at the Pine Grove FMC. They are blessing us by letting us stay there rent  free!
For now the best way to get reach us is still via email. But by the end of this month our address will be :
3592 Pine Grove Rd.
RR #1
Seeleys Bay, ON K0H 2NO

Also, if you want to see us in person, we’ll be speaking at the following churches the next couple of weeks. We’d love to see you!
Oct. 13 Ryde Centennial, Cooper’s Falls
Oct. 14 New Hope FMC, Bracebridge
Oct. 21 Zion FMC
Oct. 23 or around that date: moving week
Oct. 27 Warkworth FMC
Nov 2-4 Stephanie attends FMC Foundational Course
Nov 4 Dean and the kids attend Pine Grove FMC