Saturday, February 15, 2014

Contact Information

Email address:

Canadian Mailing Address:
Dean and Stephanie Babcock
3604 Pine Grove Rd., RR1
Seeley's Bay, ON  K0H 2N0

Malawi Mailing Address:
Dean and Stephanie Babcock
P.O. Box 170
Zomba, 305208

Phone: Area code 317 then  936-6242.  This is a Google Voice number at which you can leave a voice message or text.
Malawi Phone: Country code +265  plus the number 992-125-993.

Note: If you send mail to our Malawi address, please alert us by email that we should be expecting an envelope or package.  Mail here is unreliable, and we have sometimes needed to inquire in order to discover that our mail had arrived at Customs, but we had not been informed. The sender had been informed that the package was delivered to us, when it had actually only arrived at Customs.  By letting us know that we should be "on the lookout," and inquire at the Post Office if needed, might increase the likelihood that we will actually receive it.  Thanks!  :)
Also, please note that this comment section is un-monitored. Please use email, text, or Whatsapp (on the Malawi number) to contact us.

1 comment:

  1. Good Afternoon,
    We are in final stages of planning to come visit you on August 9. We will be in space 356. We were planning to stop in Dearborn, MI and see Ryan Willson, but Kara broke her leg in 3 places, Jen will be in Kenya, so Ryan will be playing nurse.
    I think at one time you sent me your Canadian side phone number. I must have misplaced it. If you could resend that to, we would appreciate it.
    We are looking forward to meeting up and catching up again.
    Dave and Carol Belcher