Monday, October 5, 2009

Our New Home

As if all our travels in September weren’t enough to keep us busy there was also another time consuming question in our lives: where to move. You may recall that the parsonage we have been living in sold much more quickly than anybody expected, and we now need to move out by Oct. 31. With such a busy schedule, and sorting and packing to boot, we didn’t have much time for house hunting. But God provided once again in a way that just amazes us and fills us with gratitude for Him and His people. The Charlemont Free Methodist church has offered to let us live in their vacant parsonage - rent free! What a blessing that is to us! On top of that, we can also keep our dog until we move to Malawi, which is an especially big blessing to the kids, AND, for the first time in 11 years we get to live close to family again, if only temporarily. We actually lived in that area briefly and attended Charlemont before we moved to Deep River. So, in a sense, we are leaving home in Deep River and moving “back home.” Isn’t God good? God’s provision for us and His timing in so many different areas of our lives continues to amaze and encourage us. Thank you for your prayers! And thanks to the Charlemont congregation for being so welcoming and generous!

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