Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Severn Bridge

After being home for only 1 ½ weeks we were on the road again, this time headed to Severn Bridge. Our main goal for going there was to meet with Dan Sheffield and members of Ryde Centennial and New Hope Churches. We also had a chance to briefly share our vision with the whole camp at an evening service, and also met the Camp Speaker, David Moran. He has been to Malawi, and after hearing me share he said, “Malawi grabs your heart.” It was fun to connect with David and to hear his stories of this exciting and amazing country.

Friday morning Steffi and I met with Dan Sheffield to connect on a wide range of topics, but primarily to take an IDI assessment (Intercultural Development Inventory). In the afternoon we met with members of the New Hope FMC (Bracebridge) and Ryde Centennial Church (Housey’s Rapids, near Gravenhurst), and Dan gave a workshop designed to help sending churches understand missions better. We really appreciate these two churches who have been so supportive from the very beginning!

Since we got to stay till Sunday afternoon, it was also great to re-connect with new friends we had recently made in Housey’s Rapids, and of course we also enjoyed the opportunity to meet new friends and supporters, some of whom took a special interest in our children, promising to support them (and us, of course) through their prayers and care packages. Others have started giving on a monthly basis. We owe a big thank you to all the people at Severn Bridge Camp for being so welcoming and supportive, and also to Sterling and Cheryl Cooper for their wonderful hospitality (once again)!

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