Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wesley Acres 2

After Severn Bridge we headed straight to Wesley Acres for Family Camp 2, where we again had many opportunities to share our plans to go to Malawi, and talk about how the church’s mission, both local and global, is so close to God’s heart. We added many new supporters to our team and were able to connect with many pastors and lay people who are interested in having us come to their church. Praise the Lord!

We also made new friends from Ghana, and talked to many people that have been missionaries in Africa, both short and long term. It was great to connect with them and learn from their experience.

When we began preparing our kids for becoming “missionary kids,” we talked with them about certain aspects that would be difficult in the next year or so (such as saying good-bye to friends, leaving behind our Golden Retriever and favourite toys, mom and dad being very busy and distracted, etc.). But we also encouraged them to look for the special blessings that God would have in store for us along the way. One of those blessings came in the form of new friends at Wesley Acres who invited us not only for a boat ride, but also to go tubing and fishing the next day, and to have lunch and dinner with them. They also introduced us to several young people from their church and we had a wonderful day with them.

Another surprise blessing came from the camp speaker, Steve Wingfield, and some anonymous friends. Steve offered to bake several pies to be auctioned off for Wesley Acres, and then decided to add two more pies, one of which was for the Jesus Loves Malawi Fund. It sold for $1,000 !!! Thank you very much Steve, and thank you to the very generous buyer(s). We do not know exactly who bought the pie yet, but we are trying to find out to thank them personally. We hope you enjoyed the pie!

Near the end of the week I had the privilege of talking to a man who feels that God is calling him to some sort of mission work as well. Isn’t God good? Pray that God will clearly guide him.

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