Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello from Africa!

Dear Friends,

We made it safely to Africa on Tuesday, and are somewhat settled in. Most of our belongings arrived with very little damage. But two pieces of luggage didn’t arrive with us. One came later, but the other one hasn’t shown up yet. Please pray that it will also arrive. It has some very important items, including some of our homeschooling materials, and eight of the textbooks we brought with us for the course Dean will be teaching.

Things are a bit crazy here for our teammates because of missionary Katie Bartlett’s accident (Sat., Aug. 28). In case you hadn’t heard, Katie and her daughter Lydia were involved in a collision with a fuel tanker. Katie suffered a fractured pelvis and shattered patella (knee cap) which required surgery at a hospital four hours from here, and is recovering there. Lydia suffered some cuts and severe bruising from the shoulder strap and seat belt, but they probably saved her life. She is able to play cautiously now, and feeling better every day. We are praising God for protecting their lives. Please pray for a full and quick recovery, and for the stress levels of those most affected.

Students will arrive at Great Commission Bible School on Monday. Classes begin Tuesday morning, and run for four weeks. All of us would really appreciate you prayers for the Lord’s hand to be upon this time.

Our kids love it here. (So do we). They are having a great time playing with their new African and MK (missionary kid) friends. Last night they thanked God for these blessings.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support, and may God bless each of you!

With Love,

Dean and Steffi

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